NEW! Combo Case without Personalization

Introducing our newly redesigned Combo Case – a versatile storage solution thoughtfully crafted to accommodate your loupes, lights, batteries, and accessories while guaranteeing their protection.

This case is fully compatible with various loupe styles and equipped with dedicated compartments for the organized storage of your essentials. The dust-resistant design provides an additional layer of safeguarding, ensuring your loupes perform optimally.

Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, our case is designed to contribute to the longevity and preservation of your valuable equipment. The reinforced zipper style guarantees a secure seal, providing peace of mind during transport or storage.

The ergonomic handle adds a touch of convenience to your daily routine, too, making it easy to carry your loupes with you no matter where your profession takes you.

Upgrade to this new standard in loupe storage and experience a case that reflects your professional commitment all while keeping your equipment safe, accessible, and embraced in protective care.

Dimensions: 77mm (H) x 202mm (W1) x 171mm (W2) x 177mm (L) Weight: 250 g

*The Combo Case  include only the storage case. No additional accessories included. 


More Information

More Information
Specifications Dimensions: 77mm (H) x 202mm (W1) x 171mm (W2) x 177mm (L) Weight: 250 g