ErgoPrism Vario & HeadLight Combo

  • Unmatched ergonomic design for a relaxed, neutral posture
  • Fully adjustable IPD, declination angle, and telescope height
  • Vario WD to fine-tune your focus at various working distances
  • Ships within 1-2 weeks

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Introducing ErgoPrism Vario Loupes – the ultimate precision tool designed exclusively for dentists, hygienists, and students seeking unparalleled comfort and exceptional visual clarity during dental procedures.

Engineered with utmost attention to ergonomics, ErgoPrism Vario Loupes revolutionize the way you practice dentistry by promoting an upright, relaxed, and neutral posture. Experience the freedom of a natural position, eliminating discomfort and strain associated with traditional loupes.

What sets ErgoPrism Vario Loupes apart is their fully adjustable design, empowering you to tailor the loupes to your precise needs. Built on a durable aluminum crossbar that weighs just 10g, the interpupillary distance (IPD), declination angle, and height can be easily adjusted, ensuring a personalized fit that enhances your comfort and maximizes visual acuity.

While other loupes may offer limited adjustability, ErgoPrism Vario Loupes go above and beyond, allowing you to fine-tune the loupes to your exact specifications. Enjoy optimal ergonomics and a customized viewing experience that enhances your performance and reduces fatigue.

As an added exclusive feature, ErgoPrism Vario Loupes also incorporate Vario WD technology, providing you with the ability to fine-tune your focus for unparalleled precision. This proprietary feature further enhances visual clarity and sharpness, ensuring exceptional performance and comfort during every procedure.

Choose from a wide range of frame options and magnification levels, customized to match your preferences and requirements. The flip-up design enables seamless switching between direct and magnified vision, enhancing versatility and ease of use during dental procedures.

Experience an expansive field of view with remarkable clarity and vibrant colors, thanks to the patented roof pentaprism design of ErgoPrism Loupes. Uncover the finest details and elevate your dental practice to new heights. These award-winning loupes earned the prestigious 2021 Cellerant Best in Class Hygiene Award, a testament to their outstanding quality and performance in the field of dentistry.

Elevate your dental practice with ErgoPrism Vario Loupes – the epitome of comfort, precision, and fully adjustable design. Unlock a new level of excellence in your profession and provide your patients with the exceptional care they deserve.

More Information

More Information


Weight Width Length Rx Ready
Argon 2 29.7g 133.5mm 158mm No
ClariTi 2 25.7g 132mm 140mm Yes
Classic 32g 136mm 152mm Yes
Infiniti 2 28.2g 138mm 143.5mm Yes
SporTi 24g 142mm 158mm No
Stellar 33g 135mm 158mm Yes

*Does not include weekends, holidays, or orders with prescription.
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