waveLUX Headlight Package

waveLUX is the latest addition to our award-winning line of dental Headlights. Customize yours today! Included in the box: HL360™ LED Headlight waveLUX® Batteries... Read More

Frequently asked questions

Are LumaDent's headlights compatible with my (insert any brand here) Loupes?

Yes they are! If you are unsure of which selection to make, select "Other" and attach some photos of your loupes. Our Shipping Team will handle the rest!

What is the diameter of the light beam?

The size of the beam will depend on your working distance. As an example, the light beam is ~5.15" (~131mm) across at a 20 inch working distance.

Are there instructions on how to mount and use your headlight?

Yes, we have many Instructional Guides to assist you with our products. You can find them by clicking on "Support" on the top menu and selecting the product category you are looking for.

Can I use a newer battery with my legacy V3 Headlight?

ProLUX, uniLUX, waveLUX = Yes. airLUX = No.

What's the difference between neutral and warm color temperature?

You can read more about that on our blog: Headlight Color Temperature

What is the warranty on this product?

Many of our products are covered by a limited warranty. The conditions vary by product/component. You can review the specifics of our warranty coverage on our Warranty Page.

The touch-free, semi-wireless, universally compatible Dental Headlight.

waveLUX is the newest addition to our line of award-winning Headlights for Dentists and Hygienists. Guaranteed compatible with all Loupes, glasses and shields right out of the box, waveLUX is versatile and powerful. Easy to use touch-free control and light weight, waveLUX is typically mounted on your shoulder, putting up to 50,000 LUX at your command with a simple wave. All of this power is focused into a perfectly round beam with even edge-to-edge brightness which you can adjust with a simple twist of a knob to get the right amount of light you need exactly where you need it.

waveLUX can be used continuously thanks to the 2 included batteries which can run for up to 12 hours and charge fully in only 2 and a half hours. Changing our batteries is quick and easy and the semi-wireless design prevents long wires down your back and enables you to work without worrying about getting snagged on anything. waveLUX provides an outstanding experience for dental professionals of all experience levels.

Every waveLUX Headlight Package includes our award-winning HL360 LED Headlight, 2 waveLUX Batteries for continuous use, 2 wires, a USB-C charger, Mount of your choice, a Composite Filter and a Hex Key for adjusting the direction of your light.

More Information
Specifications Brightness: up to 50,000 LUX
Battery Life: up to 12 hours; continuous use is possible with 2 included batteries
Charge time: 2.5 hours
Control: On/Off with touch-free wave function or power button
Adjustment: Brightness control knob
Wire length: 48.26cm (19 inches)
Charger: USB to USB-C Cable
Loupes compatibility: All Loupes, glasses and face shields
Weight: 75.6g (2.6 ounces)
Battery type: Panasonic Lithium Ion cell
Dimensions: 23.5mmL x 42mmW x 56.4mmH

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