ProLUX Headlight Package

Illuminate Your Work with Precision and Efficiency

For dental and medical professionals, adequate illumination is indispensable. Introducing the ProLUX Headlight Package, a user-friendly solution designed to enhance your practice.

Experience Unmatched Performance:

  • Our lithium-ion ProLUX batteries, offering up to 40 hours of operation.
  • Choose Your Ideal Headlight:
    • 360 Pro Headlamp: Our white neutral option, providing up to 60,000 LUX, and balanced illumination for precision work.
    • HL360 Headlamp: Opt for our warm variant, ensuring a comfortable and inviting glow for extended use.
  • Our headlights cast a flawless circular beam with uniform brightness from edge to edge. Streamline procedures and banish shadows commonly caused by traditional overhead lights, boosting efficiency and accuracy.

Customize Your ProLUX Headlight Package Below and Illuminate Your Work with Confidence!


Frequently asked questions

Are LumaDent's headlights compatible with my (insert any brand here) Loupes?

Yes they are! If you are unsure of which selection to make, select "Other" and attach some photos of your loupes. Our Shipping Team will handle the rest!

What is the diameter of the light beam?

The size of the beam will depend on your working distance. As an example, the light beam is ~5.15" (~131mm) across at a 20 inch working distance.

Are there instructions on how to mount and use your headlight?

Yes, we have many Instructional Guides to assist you with our products. You can find them by clicking on "Support" on the top menu and selecting the product category you are looking for.

How can I change light brightness/intensity?

Hold down the In-line Control Switch on the Control Cable (or the red button on the battery itself for ProLUX) to cycle through brightness settings. Release when you are at the desired setting.

What's the difference between neutral and warm color temperature?

You can read more about that on our blog: Headlight Color Temperature

What is the warranty on this product?

Many of our products are covered by a limited warranty. The conditions vary by product/component. You can review the specifics of our warranty coverage on our Warranty Page.

Do you ship internationally?

We do! We ship all of our products worldwide (except ErgoPrism TTL Loupes, which are only available in the USA).

How bright does each system get?

ProLUX = up to 60,000 LUX (adjustable)
uniLUX = up to 50,000 LUX (adjustable)
airLUX = 21,000 LUX

Do you have a mount for __________?

Yes. We guarantee we have a mounting solution for anything you need. Any loupes, any glasses, any PPE - anything. If your selection isn't on the list, just select "Other" and submit some photos of what you're working with. We'll take care of the rest.

More Information

Tailored to Suit Your Practice:

Customize Your Illumination:

  • Choose the 360 Pro Headlight for white neutral illumination, ensuring optimal brightness and clarity for precision work.
  • Alternatively, opt for the HL360 Headlight, available in warm light, to provide a comfortable glow for extended use. (Note: You will receive either the 360 Pro or HL360 headlight based on your selection.)
  • Benefit from 1 or 2 ProLUX Battery Packs for extended operation without interruption. (ProLUX Battery specifications:)
    • Weight: 163g (5.74 ounces)
    • Height: 80.5mm (3.16 inches)
    • Width: 56mm (2.2 inches)
    • Length: 21.3mm (0.84 inches)
  • Effortlessly install your chosen headlight with the included mount, compatible with a variety of options to fit your loupes or glasses.
  • USB ProLUX Smart Charger: Lightweight, portable, and durable charger with smart charging technology and LED indicators (red for charging, green for done).
  • Keep your equipment optimized with essential accessories included in every package: 
    • 1 Composite Filter
    • 1 Wire Clip
    • 1 Snap-lock Linkage Arm
    • 1 Hex Key